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Windows Embedded Handheld Revitalized

This is very exciting to see. It really seems that Windows Embedded Handheld devices will be important in the upcoming future. As a matter of facts, so important that a brand new blog by Dion Hutchings is not published on MSDN. Different from Windows Phone, Windows Embedded Handheld devices

  • can have different form factors
  • have access to Win32 API’s
  • can run native and managed applications
  • can have additional hardware resources.

For a while it seemed that Microsoft quietly would let go of Windows Mobile (or Windows Embedded Handheld, as I should call it these days). However, with this brand new blog, but also with some encouraging words from Kevin Dallas, it seems that Windows Embedded Handheld is alive and kicking.

Introducing Windows Embedded Handheld

After the release of Windows Phone to the market, you might wonder what became of Windows Mobile. If you are not really familiar with the embedded product line of Microsoft, you might think that Windows Mobile is completely gone. However, if you take a look at a particular Windows Embedded product, being Windows Embedded Handheld, you can see that this is the continuation of Windows Mobile, modernized and rebranded. If you want full device access and be able to use all exposed Win32 API’s, if you want freedom to deploy applications outside marketplace, if you want interoperability possible between different applications, Windows Embedded Handheld might be your best choice.