MEDC Revitalized?

This is something I really hope will happen one day. Until 2008, Windows Embedded and Windows Mobile developers had their own conference, MEDC. Since that time, Windows Embedded and Windows Mobile developers could find some interesting content at the various Tech-Ed conferences around the world. However, it is of course very different to be part of a larger conference, owning one track with something like 16 breakout sessions, or having your own dedicated conference with perhaps as much as 100 breakout sessions. At Tech-Ed, it seems that Windows Embedded presence is getting smaller and smaller. Of course the mobile arena has changed a lot over the last 2 .. 3 years. Windows Mobile has been rebranded to Windows Embedded Handheld. Apart from that, Windows Phone, being a brand new platform has been released. Windows Phone technical content has been presented at MIX and at Tech-Ed over the last two years. Windows Phone will also at least be present at the brand new Build Conference later this month.

So what about Windows Embedded in all its flavors? Some time ago, there was an intriguing pre-announcement here at the Windows Embedded website. The information about a possible new embedded developer conference is still there. However, I was just looking at the listed twitter feed for updates around this conference, but I didn’t find any updates. Hopefully this announcement was not just a teaser. I think it would be great if there would be another large scale developer conference, organized by Microsoft and dedicated to Windows Embedded technologies. To make my dream even better …. It would be great if Windows Phone would be present at such a conference as well, after all, Windows Phone runs on one of the Windows Embedded Operating Systems.